Barbados on a budget. Make your holiday money go further!

Five great ways to save money in Barbados on food shopping

Barbados supermarkets can be expensive. Here are five ways to save money on shopping. Everybody loves a bargain and if you combine this with some interaction with the Bajans, you’re guaranteed to get the most from your trip.

You can get a bus to Bridgetown where some of the cheapest produce can be found near Cheapside or at Fairchild Street terminal.

save money in Barbados
save money in Barbados
The bright colours of Cheapside Market

1 Visit Cheapside Market. Open every Saturday morning for cheap fruit and vegetables. Cheapside Market is a bustling riot of colour and noise, full of interesting characters selling all sorts of produce, a lot of it local. It beats the supermarket hands down.

Great for photos of people (although ask permission first). There are also herbs, teas and strange local drinks to try, as well as souvenirs and gifts.

save money in Barbados

2 There’s plenty of fish in the sea As an island in the Atlantic, Barbados has always enjoyed fresh and cheap fish.

Dolphin (Maui Maui or Dorado not flipper!) is a sustainable and very tasty white fish. 

Shop at the markets in Bridgetown (near Cheapside), Oistins, Payne’s Bay and Speightstown. Flying fish is the island speciality, but prices have increased as the fish have moved away.


3 Not so egg-spensive If you pass someone selling eggs on the side of the highway, stop and buy. Usually less than half the supermarket price. A great way to save money in Barbados.
4 Buy from street vendors Shop at fruit and vegetable vendors along the roadside. Sweet potatoes, tomatoes, paw paw (papaya) are usually locally produced. Mangoes grow in abundance and are very cheap when in season.
5 You for Coffee? If you love coffee, bring it with you! It’s available at the supermarkets or in coffee shops, but is almost four times what you’ll pay at home. Stick a bag or two in your suitcase… Keep it fresh in the fridge or freezer.
And a couple of extra tips: Try Brighton Market on a Saturday… The place to be seen and to catch up with island gossip. Stock up on fruit and veg while you’re there.

Or Holders Farmers’ Market on a Sunday Organic food, great coffee and breakfast and a place to catch up with ex-pats and locals alike,

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