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This gentle ramble along the south coast is away from the road and offers shade, interesting vistas and cooling pools of refreshing sea water.

Avoid at dusk and at night.

Take plenty of water, but feel free to blag a beer in the hotel beach bars along the way.

Cool dips, shady beaches and laid back surfers

It starts at Accra Beach (aka Rockley Beach) and, an hour or so later, finishes at the Cruising Club, where you can enjoy a meal and a beer or rum punch. If you’re lucky, glass in hand, you may be rewarded with a beautiful sunset…

Click the pin points on the map below to find your start and finish and follow the directions below.

Join the board walk at the western end of Accra Beach, just past the Accra Hotel. If you managed to make it all the way to Barbados, I’m pretty sure you’ll negotiate this first section without getting lost.

Watch out for the Turtle Project mural near Blakey’s Restaurant and Bar with information and advice about the endangered Hawksbill Turtle. Keep your eyes on the sea – spotted eagle ray cruise the shallow waters here.

boardwalk, south coast

Immediately after leaving the boardwalk, there is a sheltered pool created by a breakwater.

If you started the walk with kids, and despite your hangover, you haven’t lost them along the way, it’s a good spot for them to have a dip.

Moving on, now on sand, the view improves to the right – some attractive and quirky private houses and apartments line the shore. Look for the rusting artillery and bizarre railway station sign, no doubt put up by a Welshman pining for the horizontal rain of the valleys.

You’re welcome to drop into the Coconut Court Beach Hotel, a family-run establishment with a shaded bar area. They also have a good lunch menu.

Savannah Hotel to Hilton

Cross the decking of the Savannah Hotel, swerving in and out of the slow-roasting tourists . After a few hundred yards, sit and watch the surfers of all ages at Brandons, a great surf break just off the beach.

Avoid the water (and foot injuries) unless you’re mad for rock pooling. The rocks give way to sand, but beware the current which rips round the point. For a safer swim option, try the bay opposite the Hilton.

walk the beach on south coast

Hilton to Barbados Cruising Club

If you are looking for shade, cut through Drill Hall. Coconut palms, almonds and tall wispy casaurinas – it’s a locals’ retreat where chilled surfers swing in hammocks and Bajans picnic on the weekend. The courts are home to Darian King, the island’s tennis star.

Down the road with the Hilton on the left. If you’re of a morbid mind, check out the military cemetery, where huge West Indian mahogany trees shade the graves of Bajans who died in the UK’s colonial wars.

Signpost, south coast

Out of the Hilton, turn right and then cross the road at the roundabout to reach Pebbles Beach. Walk a few hundred yards to The Barbados Cruising Club where sunloungers, good food and drink await.

Walk on to the main road for a ZR bus back to Accra or continue another couple of miles on the beach to Bridgetown along Carlisle Bay and just a few thousand to London, Belize, Paris or wherever it is you come from (see sign post).

For more hikes, check out our secret hiker page.

1 Rockley Beach. The Start

Walk westwards and join the boardwalk…

2 The Cruising Club. The End

You made it. Reward yourself with a rum punch…

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