Standing Stones of Barbados

Philip King enjoys people’s reaction to his rock sculptures – or the Standing Stones of Barbados…

Some passers-by are intimidated by the strange human forms on the sea front. Others think spirits from the nearby cholera graveyard inhabit the stones.


Angels and Mermaids on Paradise Beach

The Standing Stones of Barbados are bordered by the Atlantic on one side and the failed Four Seasons development on the other.

Paradise Beach is close to Bridgetown and while only the very intrepid will walk from the port, a short ride in a ZR (minibus) will get you most of the way there.

Stone sculptor Philip King said: “They all have some personality and mean different things to different people. One woman saw an angel and one saw a mermaid. And I’m not worried if they get knocked down. It’s all part of it.”

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Philip King - Standing Stones of Barbados

A Search for the Centre of Gravity

Philip works hard locating the stones – then has to select the right stone for the right sculpture. “I get them to interlock and find each sculptures centre of gravity.”


Paradise Beach came close to becoming the extravagant Barbados hide away for some of the island’s most celebrated visitors, including Simon Cowell and composer Andrew Lloyd-Webber.

The Four Seasons development stalled around 2009, but Philip has provided another, albeit cheaper, attraction.

Paradise Beach is one of the most beautiful on the island. Despite it’s proximity to Bridgetown, it’s very quiet and a great place for a swim. Alternatively you can sit and gaze at the strange standing stones on the shore.

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