The Secrets Barbados Keeps To Itself 

Five secrets Barbados keeps under wraps… 

1 Who killed Gerald Bull?

Gerald Bull fine-tuned the super gun technology he later took to Iraq and Saddam Hussein, here in Barbados. He was gunned down by a hitman.

Visit the rusting relic on a spectacular cliff top. But watch out, Bull’s killers are still at large. Take a peek… if you dare

Secrets Barbados

2 We know where the bodies are buried…

Most Bajans can’t find the slave burial ground. But we know where the bodies are buried.

It’s a tale of two cemeteries: The white planters interred in the island’s most expensive and fertile land; the African slaves, forgotten, buried in rough, rocky ground, their souls in limbo. Pay your respects here

secrets Barbados

3 What Price a Slave in Barbados?

Quite a bit when the British abolished slavery in 1834.

But which Hollywood heartthrob benfitted from the windfall worth millions of pounds? He’s not proud of his Barbados secret. Clue: A difficult question? It’s elementary!


Secrets Barbados

4 A Secret Society?

Are you on the square? Freemasonry is thriving in Barbados – just watch out for the square and compass on the bumper stickers. One of the modern day secrets Barbados is not ashamed to share… 

The island is also the birth place of the Bajan known as the father of African-American masonry. Find out more… Be in the know!


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5 A Secret Beach

Enjoy the magic and seclusion of Ginger Bay, this little explored gem on the south coast.

An idyllic cove surrounded by limestone cliffs and swaying palm trees. Learn More

secrets Barbados

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