Martin's Bay

Check out the Thursday afternoon lime

The Thursday afternoon lime (a lime is time spent relaxing with others) at Martin’s Bay, St John, has got it all. There’s seafood, music and plenty of atmosphere in this secluded east coast village.

The Bay Tavern overlooks the beach – it’s great for a stop at any time, but on a Thursday afternoon you’ll often find Bajans bring their family and friends from overseas to enjoy the laid back vibe.


Martin’s Bay palm trees and shade

There are plenty of palm trees and shaded picnic tables overlooking the beach and the sea is safe if all you want to do is paddle, chill out in one of the pools or snorkel in the shallows.

The reef keeps back the east coast swell but be careful not to venture out too far. Ask a local if unsure. There’s also good fishing to be had.


Martin's Bay
Martin's Bay

Hike to Bath

Martin’s Bay was also popular with the late Prime Minister David Thompson. He was a regular visitor to the settlement and loved the place so much he bought a beach house here.

Mr Thompson died in 2010 and was much mourned by Bajans and particularly by the people of Martin’s Bay.

If you want to explore, from the south end of the beach you can join the old railway line and hike to Bath.

There’s a bus from Fairchild Street terminal, Bridgetown (5C) to Martin’s Bay, although the return from Bath only runs on a Sunday, so you’ll have to walk on to Bathsheba or make alternative arrangements if you are hiking at any other time.

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