Top Secret:

Barbados Hot Pot

One of the best kept secrets in Barbados is the Hot Pot, where Bajans go for a thermal bath.

Locals swear by Hot Pot’s health properties.

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Hot Pot, Barbados
Find The Hot Pot: Just west of Bridgetown, off the Spring Garden Highway, between Brighton and Brandon’s Beach. There’s a small car park.

The Hot Pot

Bobbing up and down

The locals will spend a couple of hours bobbing about at the Hot Pot, combining the bath with a chance to catch up with each other’s news, particularly on the weekend.

They’ll be pleased to see you.

Fans of the Hot Pot say it helps alleviate symptoms for diseases like arthritis and rheumatism.

Seawater is also thought to eliminate toxins and can draw magnesium and potassium into the blood stream.

Hippocrates, the Greek physician known as the father of modern medicine, recommended warm salt water baths to heal an assortment of diseases.

He is thought to have lived to about 90, which is a testimony of a kind. 

Light and Power Thermal Bath

The warm water which mixes with the sea comes from an electricity generating plant, rather than a spring deep below the island.

A Word of Caution…

In 1997, six people drowned here.

Don’t allow chiildren to swim alone or close to outlet pipe. Check conditions before entering water.

Peek Behind the Image to Find the Hidden Treasure

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