Flamboyant tree, Barbados

The world’s most colourful tree?

Red leaves of the flamboyant tree (Royal Poinciana) are reputed to have come from the blood of Christ as he was dying on the cross.

In bloom during the summer months – this was snapped at Rockley Golf Course on the south coast

Great for shade as it often spreads wider than it does taller.

Red All Over

The flamboyant tree is often called the May Flower after the month it begins its journey into bloom.

And it’s everywhere! 

Within one mile of Rockley, on the south coast, secretbarbados.com researchers spotted more than 20 specimens.


Flamboyant tree, Barbados
Flamboyant tree, Barbados

The seed pods can be two feet long.

There’s a yellow flamboyant too.

Fern-like foliage is a perfect backdrop for the scarlet flowers.

 Native to Madagascar.


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