Dover Beach Hotel
Sixteen rooms with ocean view

Dover Beach Hotel

Sunrise and sunset from the terrace on the same daynow that’s a secret worth sharing! Nestling in a quiet corner of a very popular part of the Barbados south coast is a smart, yet unobtrusive low-rise building. But the action’s not far away. Beat the internet giants! Special offers and discounts available for guests who book direct.

In The Gap, but not in The Gap

The Dover Beach Hotel is perfect for those who want the night life of the famous St Lawrence Gap, but far enough away to be free from its hullabaloo. Despite changes all around, Dover Beach Hotel has maintained the friendly charm which has been its hallmark since Jeff Kinch built it 40 years ago. His daughter Adua is now in charge, with the help of general manager Marcia Yarde.

“It’s an ideal location,” said Adua. “Guests have easy access to the nightlife, but don’t have to put up with the noise.” So with a good night’s sleep guaranteed, early birds keen to make the most of their Barbados time can enjoy both sunrise and sunset on the same day – thanks to the unique position of the hotel’s terrace. Other than tall mountains and small private islands, there are not many places in the world you can do this.
Dover Beach Hotel

Evening sunset from terrace

Dover Beach Hotel

Share beach with turtles and hatchlings

Dover Beach Hotel

Adua Kinch, Dover Beach Hotel

Dover Beach Hotel

Calais building and main entrance

Adult turtles say hello

There are steps down to the beach where baby turtles often hatch. And if the good-sized pool is not your thing, it’s safe to swim in the sea where adult turtles break the surface to say hello.

TIPS: Save money – book a room in Flowers or Goldwater buildings. No ocean view, but rooms are quiet and only a short walk from the sea. FREE CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST IF YOU BOOK DIRECT DISCOUNTS OF UP TO 50% OFF-SEASON. (Down to about US$110 – inc taxes –  in the summer.) Have a sundowner or dinner on the terrace and watch the sunset.

Everyone knows your name…

Crucial to Dover Beach Hotel’s success is its independence and an ability to move with the times. “If someone wants a special rate or something similar we can accommodate them immediately,” said Adua. “There’s no bigger bureaucracy which needs to be consulted.” “We are a small intimate hotel, where everyone knows your name,” said Adua. She paused: “It’s a bit like Cheers!” she said, a reference to the US sitcom. And the addition of new, larger hotels next door catering for an all-inclusive clientelle ensure the shared beach is free of seaweed. “It always pays to have rich neighbours,” said Adua. “And people visiting the island as part of a group, stay here if they don’t want the all-inclusive deal next door or if they have a different budget,” added Marcia, the hotel’s general manager.

Three Charming Hotels, Three Perfect Locations… Learn More
Dover Beach Hotel

Ocean view studio

Dover Beach Hotel

Gold Waters Building

Loyal staff… and guests!

Most of the very friendly staff have been at Dover Beach Hotel for 10-plus years. And the guests are almost as loyal. Thirty per cent of bookings are from repeat visitors – some even book two years in advance to reserve their favourite rooms. The hotel is set on three adjoining sites. Sixteen of the 59 rooms have ocean views, while the others are in a garden location and a converted house. Most rooms have a kitchenette. The bedrooms are bright, fresh and colourful. All have air-conditioning. There’s also a small fitness room for those who want to keep in shape. “Occupancy rates are increasing every year,” said Marcia. Clearly, the hotel is thriving, despite competition from unregulated accommodation such as AirBnB, those large new neighbours and the challenges of internet booking sites.

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