Chalky Mount Village

John Springer: The Chalky Mount Man with the Potter’s Patter

Watch the Video!

See John create a bowl on a foot-driven wheel out of clay dug from Chalky Mount village.

Better still, visit his shop, meet the man and witness the magic in person.

The Potter’s Patter…

For 250 years, the isolated hamlet of Chalky Mount supplied Barbados with all its pottery. John Springer is the fifth generation of his family to make a living from the clay on which the village stands.

John demonstrates his art for visitors to his small workshop. His manner is gentle, his words are wise. He has the true potter’s patter. He is proud of his heritage and the village where pottery is made to this day.

A piece of Barbados into a work of art

“When I’m not working pottery, I’m teaching it, he said. “We used to supply the whole island and I’ve been doing this for 40 years, ever since I left high school.”

The clay comes from just down the road, dug out of the earth around the village of Chalky Mount. “It’s a piece of Barbados made into a work of art,” said John.

Working with clay connects the potter with the past. John’s family has been making pots at Chalky Mount for hundreds of years. Pottery is timeless and very human – whether it’s a 21st century soup bowl or pre-historic man baking clay by a bonfire.

“His manner is gentle, his words are wise. John is proud of his heritage and the village where pottery is made to this day.”

The pottery is hand-made – not like other pottery on the island – and is good quality, transportable and very reasonably priced.

The village is also well worth seeing.

Spectacular views from Chalky Mount

The views are spectacular and there are a few rum shops where you can have a cold drink and meet the locals. And there are some pretty gardens that the residents would be delighted to show you around.

Why not make a day of it? The journey is an adventure too. You can drive if you’ve got a car (see map below) or catch a (blue) transport board bus. The number 5C  bus from Bridgetown’s Fairchild Street terminal will get you straight there.

Go on, give it a go. Take home a piece of Barbados turned into a work of art. A real souvenir of your stay in Barbados. To get there, use the map below…

Chalky Mount, Barbados

Chalky Mount

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