Codrington factory, BehindGod's Back

Behind God’s Back

This drive takes you “Behind God’s Back, any location in Barbados considered remote and seldom visited.

Unusual rum shops, there’s an optional uphill walk – and a swim.

Leave the ABC highway at Norman Niles roundabout.

East on Salters Main Road for 7km until a large pond with birdlife. You can see Codrington sugar factory. The bell was used to summon workers to fields and factory.

Conset Bay
Conset Bay
Head east for 5kms, then north on highway 3 towards Codrington College. Right to St Mark’s Church. It’s known as the Chapel on the Hill, and was destroyed in 1831 by a hurricane.

Take in Ragged Point lighthouse and turbulent surf to the north.

Conset Bay

Now to Conset Bay, a quiet fishing village, where fishermen sell the catch of the day and a makeshift rumshop sells cold drinks.

Explore the boatyard, nestling gently below the hill.

Conset Bay
Conset Bay
Fancy a hike? Head through yard, keeping the govt sign on left, then follow the 4×4 path ahead.

Ignore the first left and head up, eventually past a chattel house to Codrington College. Admire tall avenue of cabbage palms along drive. Either head back or meet your driver outside the college.

Head along the coast to Bath beach. This cove is safe for bathing.

You have a choice now whether to continue to Bathsheba, or visit the attractions of Andromeda, Hunte’s Gardens or Welchman Hall Gully before heading home.

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Conset Bay

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Consett Bay, Barbados

Norman Niles roundabout, Barbados

Bath, Barbados

Behind God's Back and Beyond

Andromeda Gardens

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