Don’t mess with me!

Tiny and beautiful, but the hummingbird packs a punch.

Not many birds want to mess with that long, tapered beak, ideal for delving into large tubular flowers for the lovely nectar.

This Barbados hummingdird is very territorial. It fights far bigger birds.

In Barbados, the hummingbird was historically referred to as the Doctor Bird, or Doctor Booby. 

Barbados Hummingbird

This is because 19th century doctors wore long black coats so people couldn’t see the blood and gore. Against the constant Barbados sunshine, the iridescent colours of  the hummingbird are hidden and the dark silhouette of the hummingbird is often all you can see.

Busy, busy, busy…

And, like the doctors of yesterday, they are always on the move, too busy to stop in one place for long.

Two Species of Hummingbirds

The video features the green-throated Carib, one of only two species of Barbados hummingbird. The other is the Antillean crested. 

Barbados Hummingbird, lesser antilean crested

It’s much smaller – it can weigh as little as four grams. The male has a distinctive metallic green crest and a straighter beak.

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