Accra Beach, Barbados

Accra Beach

A few insider tips:  The eastern end is more secluded with fewer waves. Snorklers on the reef can see turtles, moray eels, colourful fish. Accra vendors have a no-hassle, laid back approach.


A beach with something for everyone…

Accra Beach (aka Rockley Beach) is where the locals go for a swim – or a sea bath as it’s known here. Beautiful white sand and a turquoise sea with something to offer everyone, from kids who want to paddle with Mum or Dad or boogie boarders looking for wave action.

Tall, wispy casuarina trees, almonds and coconut palms fringe the sand and shield the beach from the car park and road. There’s plenty of space to spread out and you can usually find an area with a sea view unobstructed by the sun loungers.

It’s usually calm early in the morning and a great place for a walk or run as an add-on to the south coast board walk which joins it at the western end.

David Trotman, Accra Beach, Barbados

Gentle patter…

Visitors to Accra Beach will know David Trotman’s gentle sales patter.

David has sold jewellery and pictures to tourists for more than 40 years.

He loves the place and has always got time for a chat.

“It’s the best spot. I love working here?” he said.

And Tiki Bar offers sun loungers, free wifi, showers for $30 and allows you to spend that money back at the bar.

It’s a great place to watch the sunset with a cocktail.

Mobile Massage

Try a massage. The authorities license vendors who work around the beaches. But they’re not allowed to approach sunbathers.

To get round this, Soothing Touch offers a massage in a converted lorry – complete with couch, discreet curtains and a cool sea breeze.

Massage, Soothing Touch

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