Barbados stone sculptures

Philip King with his sculptures before the NCC ordered their demolition.

New sculptures at Paradise Beach

Mystery surrounds the standing stones of Barbados which have reappeared at Paradise Beach, despite attempts by bureaucrats to pull them down.

Two Barbados stone sculptures were put up recently at the secluded beach west of Bridgetown.

Are spirits to blame?

The National Conservation Commission, the body responsible for the beaches in Barbados, ordered the stones to be demolished fearing they were a health and safety risk.

The rock sculptures, which some locals speculated contained the spirits of those buried in the nearby Cholera graveyard, have become a tourist attraction since they were featured on

Smaller sculptures are also visible along the beach.

Paradise Beach is one of the most beautiful and secluded beaches in Barbados, despite its proximity to Bridgetown.

It’s a short walk from Batts Rock, a popular spot with surfers when the swell is in the right direction and not far from the Hot Pot.

Sculptor Philip King was disappointed the statues were demolished by the NCC, although vandals and the sea also played their part and occasionally knocked them over. When this happened, he just rebuilt them.

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