Barbados Essentials

Weather, health, money saving tips. Politics, some ‘ology and a bit of ‘ography.

Barbados Essentials

Our Barbados essentials includes money saving tips, advice about health, the weather staying safe and ways of saving cash on flights from the UK. Tips for North American customers coming soon!

The pages also contain invaluable snippets of information. Do you know when the island was formed? Or when it was last hit by a hurricane? And where’s the best place for cheap fruit and vegetables?

Find out about the people, the politics, the geography and the geology…

All you need to help you discover the island beyond the sand.

Barbados essentials
Barbados essentials

Five Money Saving Tips

Save on the shopping. Learn More.

Barbados essentials

Cheap flight tips from the UK

How to get that cheap ticket. Learn More.
Barbados essentials


What to expect. Learn More
Barbados essentials

Barbados Facts

Geography, geology… and some politics. Learn More
Barbados essentials

Meet the Bajans

The highlight of your trip could well be the people… Learn More
Barbados essentials

Health and Safety

Stay safe and healthy – follow our guide. Learn More
Barbados essentials

Top 7 Free Things to Do

Relax in the Hot Pot, cool down in the Bathsheba pools. Learn More
For home page, click on frigate bird!
Barbados essentials

Getting Here

Who flies to Barbados? Learn More

Awesome stories about Barbados!

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