Barbados horses swimming at the beach…

Fester Stephens comes from a family of horse lovers. His father and his grandfather worked with horses and you’ll find Fester (featured in video) working at the race track most days.

The best days to watch Barbados horses swimming – or having a sea bath as it’s known here – are early on a Thursday – or a Sunday morning after a race meeting. Swimming keeps the horses fit without stress and risk of injury. Sea water helps too.

Get to Pebbles Beach in front of the Barbados Cruising Club at first light. The grooms are usually happy to chat to tourists and pose with the horses for a picture – just ask!.

Watch the horses on the track for free

After you’ve watched the Barbados horses swimming in the sea, you can see them at work. There’s a race meeting every couple of weeks at the Garrison Savannah. The atmosphere inside the stadium is fantastic and there’s plenty of hustle and bustle and a chance to back a winner.

But if you’d prefer just a quick look – or you lost your shirt at the previous meeting – you can watch for free from inside the track. Food and drink is available and on big days it can get quite busy.

There’s no shade of course, but if you only want to spend a little time at the races, it’s a great way to do it for free.


Barbados horses swimming
Barbados horses swimming

Do your research

The real enthusiast can join the grooms, trainers and owners keeping a close eye – if they get up early enough.

Members of the public and tourists often turn out to see the horses put through their paces at the Garrison Savannah. These early morning jaunts are ideal for those who love a flutter and are keen to do a bit of research before the race day.

Race horses in Barbados are often a few hands shorter than elsewhere. The bends at the Garrison Savannah track are tight, so smaller horses and their riders fare better.