Welchman Hall Gully

Check out this beautiful forest walk in the heart of Barbados

Free guided tour (with the price of admission) Monday to Friday at 10.30am from December to April

Enjoy the best fish cakes on the island at the Chunky Monkey Cafe

Support its work

Welchman Hall Gully is a refuge for plants and animals. It has a native plant project and actively encourages visitors and local children to love and respect nature and the environment

Get there

Take a local bus from Cheapside bus terminal, Bridgetown (near the port) for only $1US. Or follow the white and green road signs.


Welchman Hall Gully

Wild Monkeys Caught on Camera

This video was shot at Welchman Hall Gully – with a broken handycam! Great lighting – always guaranteed in Barbados, especially in the early morning or late afternoon – and fascinating subjects are often all you need to create a video of your own. Just remember to keep the camera (or phone) still and let the action unfold in front of you.

The monkeys needed no directing. They are natural, uninhibited performers. If they don’t appear for their morning meal of ripe bananas, you might catch them swinging on the vines or grooming each other in the trees. Keep ’em peeled! (That’s your eyes, leaves the bananas for the monkeys…)

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