Cool off at Bathsheba pools

Not quite a secret, but you won’t find many tourists here. The Bathsheba pools are a great place to chill out while exploring the island

Another great location you may well have to yourself on week days

Go within a couple of hours of low tide. View the video

Take cold drinks and relax in safety while the wild surf breaks around you

From the pools, watch the Soup Bowl surfers – one of the top surf spots in the world, Remember, no swimming, just enjoy the pools!

Click and look carefully to see surfers behind the pools…

Carved over time…

The pools are carved from coral reef and although it might be tempting to wander out into the surf, don’t, as the water is very dangerous.

Find the pools at both ends of the beach.

Tide times…

Check the tides out here

The Bathsheba pools are to the north of the main village, away from the surf spots at the far end of the beach. You can park near the Round House restaurant and make your way down to the beach. There are building works on the road so be careful.

Bathsheba pools, beach view

Winter visitor

You might spot the ringed plover around the beach – it is also found in the UK, Europe and north America, but like many from these climes, it sometimes winters in the Caribbean. More birds…

Ringed plover at Bathsheba pools

Poach no eggs

Sea eggs – also known as sea urchins – made a big come back in 2016 and can sometimes be seen in the Bathsheba pools. They are considered a delicacy by Bajans, (although they are something of an

acquired taste). They are now protected by law from egg poachers (sorry) which has led to their resurgence.

If you do pick them up, don’t keep them out of the water long. And replace them the right way up.