On a Cruise Ship? See Barbados in a day!

  • Want to do Barbados in a day? It’s easy!

  • Bajans are helpful, buses are cheap and, if you plan it right, the bus will get you back in time for departure.

  • Taxis can be expensive, but you will get a great guide

  • Choose from the itineraries below – specially devised by secretbarbados.com

cruise to Barbados

Walk to Paradise

Watch this video of the Standing Stones of Barbados before you go… Philip King created the mystical stone sculptures here and it’s rumoured the authorities want to knock them down. See them before they do!

Paradise Beach was very nearly the island home for celebrities Simon Cowell and Andrew Lloyd Webber, to name but a few. It is now a quiet spot within easy reach of Bridgetown. Take a ZR bus from outside the terminal, heading west along the coast – ask for the west coast road.  It’s only a couple of minutes’ ride through the port area. A taxi won’t break the bank either.

cruise to Barbados

Murder, Mystery and the Murky World of Super Guns

It’s just a bus ride away, but it’s one of the most bizarre stories in the Caribbean. Canadian-born Ballistics engineer Gerald Bull was a shadowy figure who used the site overlooking Foul Bay in the 1960s to test his HARP (High altitude Research Project) gun.

Get there on the Sam Lord’s Castle bus from Bridgetown – plenty of time to see the gun, enjoy the cliff top views of Foul Bay and get back to the port. Click here for more information.

cruise to Barbados

Bus to Tropical Forest in Collapsed Cave

Leave the port, pass the taxi drivers and just after the fish market, cross the road to Cheapside bus terminal. From here the Sturgess Bus will take you for $1US, yes, $1US, to Welchman Hall Gully (see video). The 45-minute ride will give you a view of the countryside and a chance to meet some real Bajans, who will make sure you don’t get lost. Harrison’s Cave is nearby.

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