Where’s the monument?

Nelson has pride of place in Bridgetown. Not Mandela of course, but Horatio, the English admiral and hero of Empire.
But I don’t see a monument in Barbados to the many hundreds of thousands, quite possibly millions, of Africans and their descendants who perished on the island through slavery…

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Barbados stone sculptures

Mystery surrounds the standing stones of Barbados which have reappeared at Paradise Beach, despite attempts by bureaucrats to pull them down.

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Honey Jazz Barbados

There’s a chance this month (January 2017) to see some of the island’s best female vocalists at the Honey Jazz Barbados festival.

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Barbados reef fish, shot for the pot…

I’d spotted the dive buoy bobbing along the reef line. And a black snorkel occasionally broke the surface.
So I had an idea that someone was spearfishing – hunting down the friends I said hello to every morning…

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